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Fri Jan 30 00:59:36 GMT 2009

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Sean Edwards wrote:
> I do not think this list is the appropriate place to discuss concepts such as the Tower of Hanoi tape rotation scheme, file bit settings for incremental backups, or encrypting/decrypting tape and disk based file systems.
> There are plenty of step by step HOWTO's relating to Linux backup software and practices.
I don't have a problem with this.  Protecting one's products is
important, and most of those online HOWTOs are not aimed at backing up
audio and video projects.  Losing project data is a major pain even if
you are not getting paid for your work.  I learned my lesson the hard
way back in the 90s, and I would wish that pain on no one.

Of course if this is not of interest or Cory et al. would prefer not to
have these discussions here, I will not belabour the topic.
> Kim Cascone wrote:
>> each person has their favorite way to do backups and each is woefully  
>> lame in offering a concise step by step HOWTO

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