setting initial screen resolution

mboracci mboracci at
Thu Jan 29 15:20:38 GMT 2009

hey friends,

yes i am a newbie.

I have had a real problem getting my initial screen resolution set and 
unless i start the machine with a different monitor and then switch after 
studio starts i can't see anything. the monitor is not being recognized. i 
need to force a resolution. any ideas?

And while taking out dual head card to check whether the on-board intel chip 
would be better i notice a lot of dust in the cpu heatsink. while removing 
the fan the cpu fell out and is stuck to the heatsink like nothing i have 
ever seen. so i am fixing that also. cant put it back in because it uses a 
zif socket and the lever cant be up with that giant heatsink in the way. 
what a quandry


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