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Roger Sperberg rsperberg at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 19:50:51 GMT 2009

I bought a refurbished Dell Optiplex G280 last summer and installed Ubuntu
8.04 and then ran a script that added all the apps to make this into Ubuntu

Being new to Linux, I had my hands full learning how to deal with all kinds
of things, and I deferred dealing with the problem of not being able to hear
audio when I wanted to edit in Audacity (a program I used lightly on the

I installed and used Gizmo and Skype voip services with no problems.

Not really paying much attention, I upgraded to 8.10 in December and, as you
can imagine, it blew things up for me. When I launch Gizmo, I get a login
error advising me that "No audio input/output devices are currently
available." With Skype, the message says that "there is a problem with audio

I've acquired a little knowledge now about what's going on between Ubuntu
Studio and Ubuntu and that enabled me to get Audacity working properly
finally (and since all I'm doing is taking language instruction tapes and
breaking them up into shorter pieces, I'm quite content with it), and I
experimented with Jack Control. The mic works, the earphones work, but I'm
clueless as to why Gizmo and Skype are now unhappy with my setup.

I decline to re-install Ubuntu 8.04 and Ubuntu Studio, or 8.10 without
Ubuntu Studio. That is too radical a solution simply to solve my minor audio

Can someone advise me what I need to do to make Gizmo and/or Skype aware of
my headset and where I might learn about the subject that's caused this
problem for me?


Roger Sperberg

PS: The upgrade to 8.10 also did something with my networking but I don't
know what.  The Network Manager applet now indicates that my "network is
unmanaged", although I can access other computers at home as well as the
internet. I mention this in the off-chance that the problems are related.

Roger Sperberg

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