netbooks etc

Kim Cascone kim at
Wed Jan 28 17:35:32 GMT 2009

> I have a better understanding of what you are wanting to do now. I  
> think
> you will generally be fine. Just don't try any 64-track opuses ok? :P
haha -- you have my word! ;)

> There might be an issue with the small screen size. Looks like Ardour
> won't resize below 1280px in width.
interesting and could be a problem

> Mini9 looks to do 1024x600 correct?

> I'd try on my laptop but I just shelved it in a attempt to spend less
> time on these damn things. :P
> yeah I know - I've been bitten by the Linux bug again and have been  
> spending a lot of time hunting, tweaking etc
but I hear from a colleague in Finland that my 'audio on netbook'  
plans are indeed possible
but again I'll report back my findings after I've had a chance to  
mess around with things
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