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Kim Cascone kim at
Wed Jan 28 13:52:06 GMT 2009

> Hello and welcome!  I'm quite glad to see you considering Linux for  
> your
> music (after having to sit out of your Audio Cubes workshop in  
> Vancouver
> because I only had a Linux box ;-).  But in all seriousness, it's  
> wonderful
> to see your name appear on this list!
yes the owner of Percussa did not feel there was enough musicians who  
used Linux to justify a port
also his initial work was all done in Max/MSP so that determined the  
platforms AudioCubes interfaced with
but I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to meet in Vancouver! :(

> First, as was recently made mention on this list, (under the Puse  
> audio
> conversation) Ubuntu PPC is still in existence, but only as a  
> community
> project rather than an official release.  More info can be found here:
> But that unfortunately means there's no RT kernel for PPC (though  
> the rest
> of Intrepid doesn't fair much better).
OK good to know...I saw the post but thought it might be an  
underdeveloped resurrection of an old Ubuntu branch
there are so many of those in existence that break away and wither  
but I'm glad to hear that it is thriving
I have an old iMac DV that I will do an install on and see what I can  
do with it

> As for the mini9, I've never owned or touched one, but from the  
> specs on
> Dell's website, you should have no troubles with it from the setup you
> describe.  You may find that if you get into quadraphonic or  
> octophonic
> tracks in Ardour the processor may be less than what you need.
quad might be a possibility but I tend to travel with a couple of iMic's
since my Firebox is kinda heavy when added to all my other equipment
so I'm restricted to stereo outs for now

> But,
> provided tracks remain stereo or mono, you should have no troubles  
> working
> with multiple tracks.  Another limitation you may find with the  
> mini is the
> harddrive space - the specs say up to 32GB, but some of the  
> customer reviews
> mention theirs only had 8GB and that's probably too small for lengthy
> high-quality multi-track audio sessions.
agreed...I've purchased a Runcore 32G SSD to swap into my mini9 for  
this very reason
I can also keep sounds on an external drive OR (here's something I  
love about the new slew of netbooks:) buy a 16G SD ($20!) card and  
use that for sound data

>   Baudline has very little overhead,
> so that part of the setup should be simple.
OK -- I'll be running audio into RT
sorry but offhand how much latency is there on a NON-RT Ubuntu kernel?

> It would probably benefit you
> to strip down your system to the bare essentials (turn off the  
> print server,
> use a lightweight window manager, etc...) since it sounds like this  
> will be
> a dedicated audio box.
mostly audio and some admin work
the battery is way better than my PB G4
and the WiFi card is much more sensitive than my PB as well
this is a plus in hotels with weak WiFi routers

>   You may also want to take a read through: http://www
> or this google group:
> for some useful info.
> the Ubunumini list is helpful for Linux issues but not so much for  
> audio related questions
but after I swap in my 32G SSD I'll load up all the audio drivers  
needed, Baudline and Ardour then report back my findings

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