usb/midi adapter - which ones work well?

Beldon Dominello beldon at
Wed Jan 28 05:09:40 GMT 2009

I have an M-Audio Delta 1010, which uses a PCI card to interface with
the audio/MIDI connector and it's worked out of the box with no
additional drivers required (although the unit was installed when I
first installed UBS).

M-Audio releases their drivers through a third party, but they are
"true" OEM drivers.


On Tue, 2009-01-27 at 14:15 +1300, Atom Smasher wrote:
> i could be wrong here, someone feel free to jump in and correct what i 
> think i've found...
> it seems like the m-audio (2x2, 4x4) adapters work, but require drivers 
> that aren't supported by the manufacturer.
> it seems like the tapco link.midi 4x4 works out of the box, and the street 
> price is close to (or less than) the m-audio 2x2. it also seems a little 
> bit tougher (recessed front/rear panels, rubber padding) and a little 
> better designed, overall (different color LEDs for input/output/power, 
> kensington lock hole). of course, i'm just looking at pictures on the 
> 'net, so i could be off by a tad ;)
> ideologically, i'm also leaning towards the mackie because it seems to 
> "just work". i'd rather spend my money with a company that's following 
> standards, rather than a company that uses proprietary drivers and merely 
> tolerates linux users developing an independent driver, with no company 
> support (if i understand it correctly).
> it even looks like the tapco firmware upgrades are just a sysex file... so 
> i wouldn't expect any problems using amidi to upgrade the firmware. that's 
> actually two points they've scored; in addition to using sysex for 
> upgrades, they have upgrades!!
> like i said, this is based on a few minutes googling, and may not 
> accurately reflect reality.
> if anyone can comment on these (or other!) usb/midi adapters... please 
> do...
> thanks...
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