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Kim Cascone kim at
Wed Jan 28 04:38:00 GMT 2009

first let me say that even though I've been sub'd to this list a  
short time I've been very impressed with the level of signal to noise
as well as the thoughtful and considerate answers given to questions

that being said,
I've been a Ubuntu user since 4.10
mostly on PPC - until an upgrade hosed Ubuntu on my iBook
then I got too busy with my music career to maintain Linux on PPC -  
the audio never worked on PPC anyway
so I went back to my PB G4 and coding in Max/MSP

I was at BEK in Bergen Norway last spring when a teacher there turned  
me on to UbuntuStudio
I was thrilled to see this
but I knew Ubuntu development was pretty much stopped for PPC - no  
longer a supported platform
so I couldn't run the latest Ubuntu on my PB
I know I could run Debian PPC but that is another debate
I really wanted to get back into Ubuntu again but I was just too busy  
touring and didn't have enough money to afford even a Dell refurb'd  

then the appearance of cheap netbooks prompted me to buy a mini9  
running Ubuntu
I wanted to see if I could use a netbook as a supplementary laptop  
for my performances

so here is my situation and question:
I'd like to use my Dell mini9 for one or two two tasks:

- run audio from Max/MSP into the mini9 - running baudline - which is  
then projected via a beamer during performance
- run a 4+ tracks in Ardour as an ambient 'bed' while I improvise in  
Max/MSP on my PB G4

FWIW: having a RT Linux kernel is not important to me as I don't  
expect to use the mini9 for tracking or precise midi control

I'm curious if there are any musicians on the list who have  
UbuntuStudio running on a netbook and if so what the limitations are  
for them

thanks again for running a great list!

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