What HW/SW do people have working?

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Mon Jan 26 22:48:49 GMT 2009

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Larry David wrote:
> Thanks Scott.  I've gotten the impression that using audio/MIDI  
> hardware on a Linux machine is sort of the opposite of plug-and-play;  

I have yet to actually use a computer that was "plug and play".  They
all have little quirks and limitations.  I will leave it at that since
Apple has a special place in my heart; the dark, bitter, cold, jaded,
and twisted part, so I doubt I can provide anything resembling an
unbiased comparison.

> and if your experience is typical, then that is an understatement.   
> So is this kind of sleuthing and experimenting typical to get a Linux  
> machine to do music?  I'm not a programmer and don't have time to  

The bad news: There will be some sleuthing and experimenting.
The good news: You have already done this before.  If you can use
google, ask questions, and follow directions you should be able to get
around most of the problems you encounter.

I know you have said that your Mac experience was plug and play, but it
really wasn't.  You did have to learn how to use the software, you built
up a workflow, etc.  There was actually a lot you had to figure out.

> figure all this stuff out - I like the FOSS philosophy, and really  
> hope Linux keeps growing - but it sounds like it may be a bit early  
> for the humble user to try doing music with it.  Am I wrong?
Probably :)  In all seriousness, you will be as successful as you want
to be.  As you say in a later post, you get what you pay for, in the
FLOSS world what you pay is your level of personal responsibility.  You
may have to go and find solutions to your issues, you may even have to
submit bug reports.

- From my own experience, there have been many hours of frustration (I
switched to Linux as my Desktop OS about 10 years ago, and as my DAW
about 6 years ago).  Things have gotten a lot better over the years, and
I expect them to improve more in the future. In the end I have found
solutions or workarounds to almost all of my problems.  Something that
cannot be said for the other two OSs that I have used over the years.

The biggest challenge for me, was that I had to change my workflow.   I
was used to doing everything the Cubase way (ie. inside of Cubase).
Once I was able to get my head around jack and what it allows you to, I
have not looked back.

Anyway, my current setup is this:
AMD 64 (939) 4400+ X2, 3 GB of RAM.  Standard SATA hard drive.
RME 9652 + RME ADI-8 DS + Alesis XT ADAT for 16 channels of simultaneous
M-Audio Axiom

I like the RME PCI/PCIe stuff because it sounds great and is well
supported under Linux (ie. I do not have to do anything to get it to
work, it simply works).  It is a shame that their firewire stuff does
not work, but RME is to blame for that.

Before making a hardware purchase, do your research.  I put this at the
end so that you would remember it.  Do your research!

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