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Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Mon Jan 26 22:16:40 GMT 2009

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Cory K. wrote:
> Cory K. wrote:
>> Gustin Johnson wrote:
>>> I have RT in 8.10.  All that it required was building my own kernel (a
>>> 2.6.28)
>> I'm assuming you have SMP support broken or disabled?
> I'm still looking for a response on this. ATM the test builds have this
> broken. So only 1 CPU is supported. Also, the kernel just isn't plain
> booting. So Alessio is stuck waiting for some things to clear up.

I have been busy, and not doing any studio work.

Anyway, the one machine I really tested was a single core machine, so I
guess that does not help you.

My day to day work laptop boots just fine with 2.6.28 and the "realtime"
option was selected (of the 3 choices).  I have a pretty crappy
integrated Intel audio device on this laptop, so my timings are pretty
conservative (1024 frams/period and 3 period/buffer = ~60 ms latency).
This is with the proprietary nvidia driver, and Vmware drivers
installed, which is why I rarely use it for audio work.

This is a dual core machine with SMP support in the kernel (vanilla
2.6.28).  I just tested it with jack a few minutes ago and it *appears*
to work (ardour and 8 track playback, so hardly a comprehensive test).
There were no xruns and everything appeared to be "normal".  Is there
something specific you would like me to run or test on this machine?
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