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>Scott schrieb:
>> suemac at empire.net wrote:
>> I had this same issue and resorted to using my external mixer to hear
>> Keep this discussion going, I'd love to hear a solution.

Actually, I wrote the message he was responding to, not the above comment.

>solution is simple: get the pulse sources and compile with jackd-support.
>The same with xinelib - install jack-dev, then compile xinelib from
>source and amarok plays sound via jackd the same as xine/gxine etc...

I see the "it's simple, just compile this or that" for all kinds of things
in Linux land.

I submit that it is simple for those who are comfortable with compiling and
want to do so.

But, I don't think the majority of users ARE comfortable in that realm and
for them it just isn't simple...if it was the forums would be way smaller.

And it could be argued that they will create more headaches for themselves
if they just live with it until it is available with a few clicks from a

>It would be nice though, if we could get the needed plugins from
>universe with a few clicks in synaptic...


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