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>suemac at empire.net wrote:
>> A bit tangent to the disscussion...
>> Latency issues aside, I've been experimenting, to no avail, to be able to
>> receive audio from my firewire device and output it to my onboard audio.
>> I have not been able to get pulse or alsa to show up as an output in
>I had this same issue and resorted to using my external mixer to hear
>Keep this discussion going, I'd love to hear a solution.

Well, I chased this a bit and was led to believe there is something called
alsa_in and alsa_out included with Jack 119.

These programs, again as I understand, when run from the terminal window
create an alsa sink or source that should show up in jack.

The back port came a few days after I attempted to compile Jack 119 on my
UBS hardy install.

The result was a jack that was no longer stable. And, no executable being
present for alsa_in/out. They are in the tools folder created from the jack
tar ball, configure/make script appear to do a recursive, and no apparant
errors in the build log files.

So, since the back ports for Jack, Ardour, and ffado are now available I am
planning on re-doing things later this week and hoping for better results.


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