What HW/SW do people have working?

Scott ubuntustudio at troutpocket.org
Mon Jan 26 16:42:57 GMT 2009

suemac at empire.net wrote:
> - I was under the impression that to get rt kernel in 8.10 the kernel had
> to be compiled locally.

So was I.  I've heard that the RT kernel I'm using "isn't very good".  However, it's 
working for me.  The guide I posted on the wiki says just run 'sudo apt-get install 
linux-rt' so that's pretty easy.

> - do you have any comparison between the freebob drivers and the ffado. (I
> realize the later are the new generation, do they improve life with
> firewire?)

I didn't get involved in this project until recently when the FFADO driver become more 
stable.  I've never used freebob.

> - have you attempted to use more than one audiofire12? (i.e. two = 24
> channels in)

No.  My laptop only has one built-in firewire port.  I have an ExpressCard with a TI 
chipset firewire adaptor but merely plugging it in causes my machine to hang.  If I 
can get it to work perhaps I'll get another AF12 and do some testing.  If anyone wants 
to send one to me that'd be cool :^).


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