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...can you solder an smd chip?

On Sun, Jan 25, 2009 at 5:55 AM, Atom Smasher <atom at smasher.org> wrote:
> brief introduction: i've been playing with hardware synths for ~15 years,
> and i've been running freeBSD on my desktop for almost that long. i have
> ideological reasons for not using closed-source OSes.
> i recently installed ubuntu-studio on a desktop, and it seems like a step
> in the right direction for integrating my hardware synths with a (mostly)
> FOSS environment.
> i've got a very solid understanding of midi in the hardware world, but the
> software is new to me and i'm not sure where to start. i'm having a hard
> time finding any recent how-to guides and it seems like a steep learning
> curve to sort out alsa, dssi, vst, ladspa, jack, etc, and how they all fit
> in together... if anyone can point me to some current doco on "all that
> stuff"...?
> and i recently bought what seems to be the worlds cheapest usb-midi
> adapter. when i connect it to my pc1600x, i have to add >40uS delay per
> byte, or else amidi doesn't get to see all of what's coming in. at least,
> a delay of 40uS/byte lets the computer receive a complete sysex dump
> (~19K), but i'm still loosing a lot of CC info when i move sliders on the
> pc1600x (verified with a few different midi monitors). this seems like a
> problem with the usb-midi adapter having too small a buffer... even using
> amidi to monitor the input from the usb adapter (pc1600x --> usb adapter),
> and using the pc1600x just to send control change messages, a lot of it is
> not getting past the adapter. if i use the usb port on my controller
> keyboard (bypassing the cheap usb-midi adapter), and turn a knob,
> EVERYTHING comes through. so, what should i be looking for in a
> low-end/entry-level usb-midi adapter that can handle large sysex dumps and
> plays well with linux?
> thanks...
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