Linux DAW on powerpc (was "pulse?")

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> >
> > You're completely off the mark with Ubuntu ppc. It's already done, and
> > works, maintained as a community project. Package selection is large (as
> > large as any other ubuntu from what i can see), and one can install from
> > source without a hassle. I have RG 1.7.3svn running on my G4 a.k.a.
> > HARDY PPC, as well as ardour 2, AND ardour 3. All installed from source
> > without any extra pain or hassle. (Only missing the RT kernel)
> >
> This sounds interesting.
> I have an old iBook G4 with 768M of ram, running as a sort of server
> currently. Would you recommend that machine as a Linux DAW instead? I
> always thought it would be too slow for that sort of thing.
> Regards,
> Khashayar
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I can't actually answer this completely, as we don't have an RT environment
with which to make a comparison. But i will say, from my own humble
experience, that Linux runs faster on my little laptop, than mac ever did.

I'll make a correction here too. I'm using KUBUNTU HARDY, as i don't know if
that makes any difference for a "Ubuntu vs ?" comparison.
I also have enough foolhardy bravura/courage/pick one... in me to install
and try up to date packages from source/svn/etc... and so far i've either
been clever, or extremely lucky. I built a tiny linuxsampler template of
modest gig files as a sound engine, that runs ok for playback/recording (the
G4 is 867mhz, 512mb ram, titanium version), and rosegarden ticks along
without complaint, or stalling.

One thing is for sure from my personal experience. The G4 has a new lease of
life, and when i'm traveling, it serves well as a modest musical notepad for
that moment of sudden inspiration..... :)

It would be fair to say that with any sizable arrangement, this size laptop
might struggle, but that would be true (and indeed was) running mac as well.
I've got further with the linux distro install, if that gives you some
indication of the worth of such a change.

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