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Tue Jan 20 20:33:58 GMT 2009

> Hi Markus,

coming from windows/Cubase, I found very useful the following guides on the
net. They contain  many other links as well.

*1. HowTo Jack configuration:*

which is interlinked with the more general and highly useful:
*2. UbuntuStudio preparation:*

*3. Soundcard compatibility* - definitely check the Alsa guide:

4. On the long run, I recommend browsing through and reading the articles of
Dave Philips on LinuxJournal: they are written with a light, understandable,
yet highly informative style. You will get ideas which software does what
and at what quality level in Linux Audio


> Hi!
> My Name is Marcus (from Sweden) and I'm one of the newest here on the
> list.
> I have been using Cubase on Windows for 10 ears.
> I installed Ubuntu on my laptop some months ago... and I really liked
> it.
> Now I want to try  make some music. Maybe using Ardour or similar
> program.
> But I'm totally trapped in the "Windows way of thinking" :(
> I have no idea that all how to configure Jack for example.
> Is there any simple guides out on the net that tells a novice how to
> start?
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