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Tue Jan 20 15:48:30 GMT 2009

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>> I'm curious as to why Jack won't be backported?
>Because it requires backporting other libs that effect other apps. One's
>that we aren't gonna be responsible for at this time. Things may change,
>but for now, we won't be backporting JACK.
>-Cory K.

That's understandable.

The reason I was attempting to compile Jack 116 was to get the alsa_in and

But, I ended up with more questions than answers:

- the resulting build did not create executables for them. Even though the
source is in the tools folder under the extracted tar ball.
- I mentioned the quest for alsa_in/out in another forum and others thought
these had been there for some time (years) i.e they should be there in Jack
- I've found no googled info about compiling them separately.

At this point, since Jack was stable before the build, I'm probably going
to install Ubuntu Studio from scratch and hopefully get back to where I was.


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