Liblo conflict

Joseph Bain mrjoebain at
Mon Jan 19 11:23:56 GMT 2009


There is an annoying problem I am having at the moment with the OSC
library. The new version in the repositories is called liblo0ldbl and
(as far as I can tell) provides all the functionality that the old
liblo0 used to. There are still some packages that require liblo0 and I
have no way to install them as liblo0 conflicts with liblo0ldbl.

The specific packages I'm talking about are fluxus
( - the third ubuntu
link provides the most recent packages) and a package Ardour 2.71
( ).

Is there any way around this dependency, maybe using a dummy package to
fill the liblo0 requirement or somthing? I managed to install fluxus
using ' dpkg --ignore-dependencies=liblo0 ' but that creates a broken
package and I can't upgrade or install anything else 'til I remove it.

Any help greatly appreciated,

Joe Bain

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