alsa_in build?

sandie sandie at
Fri Jan 16 19:43:40 GMT 2009

suemac at wrote:
> Has anyone built Jack from the tar ball available for version 116 on the
> Jackaudio website?
I did with a .deb from this how-to :

It uses /usr/local/bin instead of /usr/bin so you'll have to edit the 
path to Jackd in qjackctl, but other than that it seams to be working ok :-)

> The build seems to have completed and I have a functioning Jack.
> But, the make file appears to be supposed to do a recursive build of the
> directories created by the tar -xvf of the ball. But, there is no resultant
> executable of the things in the tools directory. For example there is no
> alsa_in or alsa_out in /usr/bin (or anywhere that I can see)
> Regards,
> Mac

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