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Tue Jan 13 17:53:42 GMT 2009

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Roy Nel wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I just installed Ubuntu Studio on my desktop PC, but I'm having trouble
> with my motherboard's ACPI feature.  If I switch it off, Studio isn't

ACPI is a pretty big topic.  Can you be more specific?

> able to load some or other table, but then refuses to boot up anyway,
> and just gives me a flashing cursor after the OS selection menu

I would first update your BIOS.  It would also help if we knew which
kernel you were using.  The version of Studio and Ubuntu would be handy
as well.

> (Vista/Longhorn is another option on that menu, and if I select that, it
> will take me to another menu to choose Windows Vista or Ubuntu.  So I
> have a triple-boot PC!)

Triple boot, sounds like a recipe for disaster.   How many hard drives
do you have in this machine?  Are the OSs all on the same drive?   You
probably just have to reconfigure grub.

> I remember having the exact same ACPI problem while installing Ubuntu
> 8.04, but it eventually gave me an ACPI work-around option which
> worked.  Doesn't Studio also have an ACPI work-around?
What do you mean by "ACPI work-around option".  Was this a check box
somewhere, or was this something you could add to the grub line that
starts with "kernel"?  What I am trying to ask is *exactly* how did you
enable this option?

> If not, isn't there some way I can amend Studio to my existing Ubuntu
> installation like an application without having to select it at bootup?

Well, you can chroot into your studio install, you could likely also
just run apps directly from the Studio partion (you do this with the
full path of the mounted Studio partition).  There really is no point
unless you boot with the Studio kernel which is tuned for media
production (in other words it has the RT patch for low latency audio
work).  You can also add the Studio apt source to your existing Ubuntu
install, which allows you to install the Studio version of some apps.
Assuming that you are not using Ubuntu 8.10, it should work.  8.10 has
known issues with the kernel, which is why it is recommended to stay
with 8.04

You also did not mention what version of Ubuntu or Studio you had
installed.  You also made no mention of your hardware.  Is this a
laptop, desktop, AMD, Intel, and which version of the hardware?

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