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Roy Nel timsquirrel at
Mon Jan 12 16:28:23 GMT 2009

Hi everyone,

I just installed Ubuntu Studio on my desktop PC, but I'm having trouble with
my motherboard's ACPI feature.  If I switch it off, Studio isn't able to
load some or other table, but then refuses to boot up anyway, and just gives
me a flashing cursor after the OS selection menu (Vista/Longhorn is another
option on that menu, and if I select that, it will take me to another menu
to choose Windows Vista or Ubuntu.  So I have a triple-boot PC!)

I remember having the exact same ACPI problem while installing Ubuntu 8.04,
but it eventually gave me an ACPI work-around option which worked.  Doesn't
Studio also have an ACPI work-around?

If not, isn't there some way I can amend Studio to my existing Ubuntu
installation like an application without having to select it at bootup?

Thanks for your help!

God Bless y'all chinas!

Cell: (083) 418-0967
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