Audcity and jack (was: Emagic emi 6|2m & Audacity with Ubuntu)

Pietro Bergamo bergamopietro at
Sun Jan 11 16:08:23 GMT 2009

Em Sáb, 2009-01-10 às 11:37 +0100, Simon Lowen escreveu:

> I would like to run 2 inputs (channels 1 and 2) into Audacity and record
> the input.   Input is phono.
> I have not installed jack, because I do not know if I require this.

In my experience, Audacity and Jack never went well along with each
other. Also, recording with Audacity has been quite troublesome. I get
lots of xruns. 
For recording, I'd recommend installing Jack and Ardour. I find it way
easier to configure inputs and record with them.
Audacity is nice for light editing. Its less cpu consuming and very easy
to use.


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