building 2.6.24 in an intrepid environment

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Thu Jan 8 21:46:11 GMT 2009

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Hartmut Noack wrote:
> aYo Binitie schrieb:
>> I have to say I've had the opposite experience. I'm actually tempted to
>> upgrade all my machines to Intrepid but for the fact that I love both
>> interfaces and would like to keep both. I'd be interested to know what you
>> have found buggy with Intrepid
> - KDE4.1 is experimental at best and it is the ONLY option, no way to 
> install KDE35 parallel.
> - The Presonus Firebox (FW-audio) that runs perfectly smooth in 64Studio 
> and very well in Suse/JAD is not usable.
> - Neither xine nor pulseaudio are provided with their jackd-plugins - at 
> least xine can work perfectly well with jackd since years....
> - The KDE3 delivered with 7.10 was able to export my desktop perfectly 
> well to the VGA-out of my Laptop, in Intrepid no WM can zoome the output 
> correctly...
> - 7.10 supported my NOKIA-Mobile plug/play, Intrepid does not even see it.
> in short: I dont think, there is a Ubuntu Studio 8.10 - I only hope for 
> 9.04  to make things better....

You forgot to mention the lack of a real time kernel :)

Also, I have two laptops that 8.10 seemed to break wireless.  Both
laptops have Intel adaptors (a 4965 in my netbook and 3945 in the
Latitude).  Building my own 2.6.28 resolved the issue.

8.10 is much better with KDE4.2, but you need to add an *unsupported*
PPA apt source.  Also 4.2 is even more bleeding edge.  3.5.x is MIA, and
it would have been nice to have alongside the 4.x branch given the Beta
nature of 4.x

For Studio work 8.04 is really the only choice.  Even on the Desktop, I
see no compelling reason to move to 8.10
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