Using what works

sandie sandie at
Tue Jan 6 15:08:24 GMT 2009

Cory K. wrote:
> David Stephens wrote:
>> I agree in part, however if you chose to run the latest greates it seems
>> that you will always run into bugs. In the Windoz world it doesn't seem like
>> a good idea to run the latest OS in a business / mission critical
>> environment.
> I *often* come across businesses still runnin' 2000.
And I'm still running UbuntuStudio 7.04 :-) works perfect for my music-aps.

I do have an extra disk for testing other OS, after all a new disk cost 
so little these days.
I have played around with Studio64, JAD, Fedora and newer Ubuntu/Studio 
(among others), but none works better for me, so I just stick to my 
"good old" 7.04.
Unfortunaly i dont get updates any more :-(

/ Sandie

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