building 2.6.24 in an intrepid environment

Pietro Bergamo bergamopietro at
Sun Jan 4 21:13:50 GMT 2009

Em Dom, 2009-01-04 às 12:51 -0500, Brody McDonald escreveu:
> ...but this kind of stuff is keeping me anchored to
> Windows as well...
> I'm a music teacher who does some light audio editing and midi stuff,
> and I just found linux... I would LOVE to be able to make the switch,
> but bugginess... I just don't have time to invest in compiling, etc.
> Brody

I think you should give it a try. I've given up windows some 3 years ago
and I do not regret it. There are bugs, but no one hides them. And my
system works much better than when I used windows for music making.
You'll have to learn many things for sure, but it's worth the effort.
And I never had to compile anything. I'm no computer expert. I just like
to make some music.


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