Hardware volume controls control the wrong thing

Mac suemac at empire.net
Thu Jan 1 14:44:03 GMT 2009

Hi All and Happy New Year!

The volume was lower than it should be so I did some googling and found
out about alsamixer, gnome-alsamixer, and gnome-volume control.

After plying with them some I changed something and now the hardware
buttons (touch sensor type) on the laptop keyboard no longer control the
master volume.

When touched they popup the normal gnome window with the speaker and a
bar under the speaker graphic. Touching the buttons moves the bar up or
down and touching the mute shows a red x on the popup. But, this does
not control the voulume from the speakers.

If I have gnome-alsamixer up while this is happening the Capture slider
is moved when the buttons are touched. So, somehow the buttons have been
changed to control whatever the capture device is, instead of the master

One thing I changed was the "Mic as output" and "Headphone as line out"
settings. But setting them back does not change the way the buttons now

I have been unable to find docs on how to change what the buttons
control, any ideas?


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