Help needed setting up a Delta 1010lt

Brian Blater brb.lists at
Fri Feb 20 14:03:40 GMT 2009

I just recently purchased a Delta 1010lt card for use in a system I
built for audio and video stuff. The setup is as follows:

Dell PowerEdge 1800
Single 3GHz Xeon Processor
RAID 5 with 4 300GB Ultra320 SCSI 10k drives
Ubuntu Studio 64

The machine has only been up and running for about a week and it was
originally built with a temporary sound card installed since the
motherboard does not have a built-in sound card. Last night I pulled
the temp sound card and installed the 1010lt. US has recognized the
1010lt and I can see the card in envy24controll. So, I guess so far so

Now for the questions I guess. What steps do I need to take to
configure the setup to use the 1010lt? Is there any kind of a write-up
on how to configure US and the 1010lt? Do I need an .asoundrc file or
is that only if I have two sound cards? Since the computer doesn't
have a built-in sound card is there any way to configure US to use the
1010lt as a regular sound card so I can get sound for videos, playing
mp3s thru amarok etc?

Thanks for everyone's help both in the past and for these new
questions. I look forward to a nice audio/video workstation once
everything is up and running.


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