choosing an partition editor ?

laurent.bellegarde laurent.bellegarde at
Thu Feb 19 16:45:05 GMT 2009

MDesigner a écrit :
> hi
> as we can see :
> (Sorry it's in french)
> A lot of software in the contemporary musical notation can't be a picture of 
> the imagination, like index who give the first asynchrone measure... but all 
> of these are differents.
> When you're talking about lilypond, only a few persons take care about this 
> picture. And more, if they have to edit scripts. Eventhough they should care, 
> but this is another problem.
> You can improve your notations with real big orchestra, and you can improve 
> your own experience like talking between musicians in a little society...
> And the difference is ?
> we want real scores for professionnals or i want to communicate with many of  
> people eventhough they use closed sources...
> So, eventually, gnu / linux offers a large choice :
> Lilypond
> notedit
> musescore
> rosegarden, but it's a multiplexing recorders and midi editor, like muse.
> and some others... non exhaustive list

Many thanks to all the contributors. I'm writting now the the book with 
theses infos.



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