choosing an partition editor ?

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Mon Feb 16 17:39:31 GMT 2009

Em Seg, 2009-02-16 às 18:28 +0100, laurent.bellegarde escreveu:

> Hi,
> which partition editor should take a beginner ?
> lilypond seems to be excllent and powerfull, maybe professionnal, but 
> not WYSIWYG.
> MuseScore for beginners is better ?
> Thanks
> Laurent

Hi Laurent.

I think you mean a score editor, right? A partition editor edits the
partitions of the HD (like gparted, I think).

Anyway, I really prefer Lilypond to all the other score editors I tried.
You have to get used to writing the code, but it is not as hard as it
may seem. And once you master it, it is almost unlimited.

It actually isn't wysiwyg, but it's only a matter of getting used to
that to. I now find it easier to write the score and tweak the edition
based on the pdf file it generates, than tweaking the file I see on the
monitor and finding out it was different after printing.

The manual is very good and helpful, full of examples.

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