best value of memory for jackd+ardour

laurent.bellegarde laurent.bellegarde at
Mon Feb 16 14:19:19 GMT 2009


under hardy studio 64 bits,

I'm testing my laptop for MAO. (I'm a very beginner in audio production)

inside, sis azalia 966 integrated audio controler -> very bad sound with 
jackd+ardour, no good values available

outside, terractec aureon usb2 -> in read with jackd+ardour, very good 
sound in qjacktcl with in best value
Frame/periode : 64
latency : 2,9 ms

not tested yet in recording.

a question, ardour told me my limits.conf is not enough, at this time it 
is 32mb. My laptop has 4 Go of ram. What is the best value to put for 
this computer ? same question, with a laptop which have 2 Go, 1 Go of 
ram memory and which is using the usb sound card.

Thanks for your answers,


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