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Cory K. coryisatm at
Sun Feb 15 18:41:59 GMT 2009

Pietro Bergamo wrote:
> Em Dom, 2009-02-15 às 12:07 -0500, Cory K. escreveu:
>> Just a note: This current chat was my concern. Grabbing -desktop grabs
>> -settings and -menu. This will cause issues. If it already hasn't been
>> set to conflict in Jaunty, it will be. This "side grade" will be
>> investigated. I think the future recommendation will to only grab the
>> multimedia metas and the art.
> I think I missed something. Will adding a new panel cause conflict in
> Jaunty?

No. Adding a panel will not. The ubuntustudio-settings and
ubuntustudio-menu packages have a possibility to cause issues using them
over top of a standard Ubuntu install.

> What exactly are "grabbing"


> and "side grades"?

Many people use the sentence "I wanna upgrade from a standard Ubuntu
install to Studio..." It's not really an "upgrade" per-se more a
"side-grade" You wouldn't "upgrade" to Kubuntu. :)

My usual line is that one should *never* use ubuntustudio-desktop over
top of ubuntu-desktop for the reasons mentioned above.

-Cory K.

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