Upgrading from Ubuntu 8.10 to Ubuntu Studio 8.10

sandie sandie at sandgreen.dk
Sat Feb 14 04:29:00 GMT 2009

Henry W. Peters wrote:
> Hi,
> Finally got a DSL connection. Downloaded Ubuntu Studio successfully, by 
> all indications . Can't seem to find instructions on how to "upgrade" 
> from Ubuntu 8.10 to Ubuntu Studio 8.10... (my current non-Studio 
> installation has some problems, which, aside from wishing to use Ubuntu 
> Studio for a/v work, I am hoping will get resolved (?) i.e., retain my 
> current programs & addresses, etc.)... Anyway, for some darned reason or 
> the other my IRC is not working right, or I would go to #ubuntustudio...
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks kindly.
> Henry
You can just install "ubuntustudio-desktop" from Synaptics, this should 
give you all the packages.


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