ATI 4830 and realtime-kernel

sandie sandie at
Wed Feb 11 05:24:30 GMT 2009

Hi all

My Nvidia 7950x2 died friday :-(

I have always used Nvidia, but since Ati now have gone open with the 
specs to their cards, I wanted to support their great initiative and 
that instalation would be fairly simple. so I bought a ATI 4830 and to 
my big supprise... Argh !

Is there really no support for Radeon 4830 in the realtime-kernel ???

Right now I'm running 1280x1024 on a 22" widescreen with the vesa 
driver, is there realy no other options ?

Any help would be much appriciated :-)

btw. it works flawless when I use the generic kernel.


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