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I've got a presonus firebox, which is the little version of the firepod I guess.

When I use the RT kernel I don't get any x-runs, unless I set insane
parameters on the frames/period and periods/buffer.

As far as daisy-chaining goes:
I often daisy-chain it with my friend's firebox. It works very well.
There's only two problems:
1- sometimes when I start JACK they are out of sync from each other by
the amount of latency that jack is set to. So If jack is at 11.6msec,
one of them will be at 11.6, but the other one will record at 23.2.
This problem is totally random. Sometimes it does this and sometimes it doesn't.
2- The order the connections show up in jack sometimes changes. This
can be very annoying if jack crashes in a session, and I have to
restart it; often the order will have switched. Then I have to redo
all the connections.
Presonus claims that daisy-chaining firepods works, but they don't say
that fireboxes can be daisy-chained. I think you'd be ok with the

Does anyone know if it is possible to daisy-chain a firebox with a
firepod? That's my dream at this point.

Philip Schleihauf
phil at

On Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 10:47 AM, suemac at <suemac at> wrote:
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>>Subject: Presonus
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>>I´m new in the list and, i´m very excited with ubuntu studio and my new
>>presonus firepod.
>>All seem to work fine. I get some xrun... maybe i still have to adjust
>>some parameter.
>>Someone in the list with the presonus firepod??
>>Some example of garage music recording, mixing and mastering with
>>ubuntu studio and the presonus?
> Hi Juan,
> I have a firepod. I hope to actually daisy chain two of them eventually but
> it appears no one has attempted that in Linux land...
> I am using UBStudio hardy 64bit, so I have the rt kernel. I found if I got
> all the latest Jack, ardour, ffado, etc that xruns are very few.
> Mac
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