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>>> But, I don't grock the patchbay.
>>> Can't seem to get it to show connections except between system node and
>>> ardour node.
>>> Doesn't show connections between in & outs.
>>> Add new and select snapshot and doesn't restore what I've wired in
>>> connections.
>>> What am I missing?
>> I'm not an expert on patchbay, but I'll tell you what I use it for and
>> what my experience has been. Patchbay is mainly used for
>> defining/naming your own virtual devices and automatically making
>> connections between them. For example, my audio card (Hammerfall
>> light) has 18 outputs, and I use outputs 9 - 16 as 4 pairs of
>> headphones. Not only is it annoying to remember what channel numbers
>> correspond to a particular pair of headphones, but I also have to
>> break the automatic connections most applications make to outputs 1 &
>> 2 (I don't currently use them) and make connections to outputs 9 & 10
>> (my first set of headphones). Patchbay allows me to create 4 separate
>> stereo devices to represent my four headphones, and to create
>> connections between programs and those headphones that are
>> automatically set up whenever I open up the applications.
>> Patchbay lets you create custom devices and add sockets/plugs to them.
>> Then you can make connections between these devices so that QJackCtl
>> will automatically connect the actual devices / programs whenever they
>> appear.  When you click "Add" on either the input socket side or the
>> output socket side, you are creating a virtual device to which you can
>> add an arbitrary number of plugs, ALSA sound, ALSA Midi, or JACK Midi,
>> which are selected from the currently available ports on your system.
>> This means that if you want to create a virtual device for Ardour's
>> master output, Ardour needs to be open when you're making the
>> patchbay. You can then connect that Ardour master device that you've
>> made to any other devices you've made, and whenever they're both
>> present, (i.e. Ardour is open as is whatever program or sound device
>> you've connected it to) patchbay will automagically make connections
>> between them.
>> Hope this helps,
>> -- Alex
>Another very handy way to use the patchbay is for automatically
>connecting inserts in Ardour.  For example, I have a patchbay
>definition that connects Ardour to Jamin; all I have to do to connect
>it is create an insert in Ardour named "Jamin" (after starting Jamin,
>of course), and QJackCtl does the rest.  Additionally, I have Ardour's
>master output exclusively tied to outputs 1&2, and no other programs
>are allowed to use those outputs.  That way all the programs I'm using
>must be directed through Ardour's mixer, either via a bus or captured
>in a track.

This is exactly the sort of thing I expected to be able to do.

I started looking at this cuz I wanted to block the auto connect in ardour
cuz it always cross connected the main in and main out as well as
auditioner and click to main out.

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