Feeding trolls/humans

Peter Geirnaert peter.geirnaert at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 10:29:24 GMT 2009

> Luther wrote:
> > Yes it was worth posting.  I've been a member of this list for barely 2
> > months and I'm ashamed to say that your exchange with Kim is one of the
> > worst I've ever seen in over 5 years of forum/email list posting.  I am
> > a member of 7 different list subject areas with most having multiple
> > sublists.  As a leader, you lead by example, *either bad or good.*
> Exactly.
> I'm human just like everyone else and will not put myself above others.
> If you think I should be put on some pedestal, so be it. To be any other
> way is fake to me. I ain't that guy.
> The second people start to think they are somehow better than each other
> is when worse issues arise IMO.
> -Cory K.

Thanks Cory, for your example of true leadership.
I can't imagine a world with FOSS with people who didn't free their ass from
that mony-see-monkey-do mentality
of following the leaders like a bunch of brainwashed slaves.
Thanks also to remind us all that besides "good or bad" , there's also "the
ugly", a part that is kept secret by the world's leaders.
As this is all of-topic for this list, where can we go to talk about freedom
in a society, to build a society that is compatible
with FOSS ? I'm not interested in running "free" software in a prison
society ...

Thanks again Cory, and thanks to all people who give me a little hope in
life by providing Free Open Source Software.

In Freedom,
Peter Geirnaert.
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