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Tue Feb 3 00:18:42 GMT 2009

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Hello Larry,

Larry David schrieb:

> I would be interested to hear what kind of music work people are  
> doing with UBS, and what software people they use for which tasks.   
> Audio examples/clips would be great.

This was made with 64Studio (just another Debianish-Audio-Distro)
and/but a lot of the percussion and the mixing/mastering was made with
UBS. I found out, that for me it is the most prudent way to work with
different distros of Linux to get the best of all worlds ;-)

> My system can't handle softsynths and  
> multitracking simultaneously, 

Athlon 1200?
I run 40+-track sessions simultaneosly with Zynadd or AMS let alone
Specimen on a box not worth much more than 150 E on EBay....

> I'd love to hear similar descriptions of people's work/workflow in  
> UBS - the more details the better, but even a brief summary would be  
> helpful.

I used to use UBS on a quite puny Laptop (MSI,AMD, 1500RAM, Behringer
UControl...) for composing loops with Specimen/Seq24/Qtractor/Rosegarden
and the like and for mixing/mastering Stuff in Ardour as of now I do
this on Suse111 but hope to return to UBS with 09.04....

best regs HZN
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