Work/workflow examples?

Larry David larrydavid07 at
Mon Feb 2 20:36:25 GMT 2009

First let me say thank you to everyone who has replied so helpfully  
to my questioning posts so far.  In looking back at them I notice  
that I tend to put lots of questions or comments in a single post,  
and that (not surprisingly) some of them go by without any response.   
So I will try to be more specific and brief.  :^)

I would be interested to hear what kind of music work people are  
doing with UBS, and what software people they use for which tasks.   
Audio examples/clips would be great.  Or just basic descriptions.

For example right now I use Digital Performer to do multitrack  
recording in a variety of styles - rock, classical, folk, electronic  
- using digital and analog synths, electric bass/gtr, and a variety  
of acoustic instruments.  My system can't handle softsynths and  
multitracking simultaneously, but I would like to get into them.  I  
use a modest amount of FX plugins, but would like to use them more too.

I'd love to hear similar descriptions of people's work/workflow in  
UBS - the more details the better, but even a brief summary would be  


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