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Cory K. coryisatm at
Mon Feb 2 17:51:17 GMT 2009

To *everyone*. Do not email me directly for personal issues. I'm a very
in-the-open person. If there's a conflict, do it in the open so things
are documented.

Kim Cascone wrote:
> Cory
> your subtle condescension on the list is not appreciated
> and blowing me off by directing me to write a HOWTO that *someone*
> might find useful is asshat behavior

If that's you perception, so be it.

> I didn't sub to your list to make you look smart by letting you win
> every discussion
> and I also don't back down from confrontations easily

Sounds like you've admitted to a personal problem. Maybe take that into

> if part the goal of the UbuntuStudio list is to welcome and educate
> n00bz then I feel it is a disservice to dismiss the subject of backups
> many Linux newbies can't find a backup app easily, don't have command
> line chops or don't ask for help online in fear of being shot down or
> subtly condescended to in public

Again. Perception and a place where you can make things better.

> also, with all due respect three 'pro' studio does not a statistical
> sample make (I visit that many pro studios on one tour)
> while this might impress someone who hasn't worked in the music
> industry for 25 years I find it to be purely anecdotal evidence
> and since you didn't mention *which* pro studios they were it is
> basically hearsay and rumor
> which is IMO not admissible as technical advice to a n00b on the list

Feel free to contact any of these places:


If you like, I can also get you a list of places I've worked at while
touring with a couple of the metal bands I know.

> for the past ten years I've worked internationally with hundreds of
> laptop musicians and VJ's
> I've worked with CCRMA, STEIM, CREATE, CNMAT, Berklee College of
> Music, MIT Press and dozens of digital media computer music
> institutions in Europe as well
> and believe me they ALL backup their systems and data

Sure they do. I pointed out that it has never been my experience that an
*app* was used for this.

> so I might not be an pro IT guy such as yourself

Ha! If you only knew. ;)

> but I do know something about computers in the service of making music
> and I feel that my own experience with Ubuntu since 4.10 is that
> rescues and backups are something musicians working with Linux must
> know about -- especially the less technical who come to it because of
> its FOSS philosophy and open sharing communities

GREAT!!! Seriously. *That's* why I suggested the wiki. You complained at
length about the state of things so contribute. Don't jump to
conclusions about another's motives without asking.

-Cory K.

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