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>On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 12:57 PM, suemac at empire.net <suemac at empire.net>
>> I have upgraded UBS hardy via Khashayar's PPA in launchpad.
>> I chose all the alsa stuff, ardour, audacity, ffado, and pulse.
>> So far it looks like everything is functioning and nothing broken.
>That's good to hear. Although, keep in mind that my PPA is not
>supported by the ubuntustudio team, and it's really an
>on-your-own-risk venture you're undertaking. The ppa has had little to
>no testing (I'm gonna keep on reminding everyone about this ;-)).

Understood, probably no more risk (maybe less) than attempting to build
them from source myself... :-)

>> Questions though:
>> - The guys over on Jack irc say alsa_in and alsa_out should be with the
>> latest Jack. I can't find them...
>I'm not sure about this.
>To minimize the risk of having broken packages, I try to follow the
>packaging done in the current development release of Ubuntu, as far as
>possible. That means that the jack packages in the hardy section of my
>ppa basically are built the same way jack in jaunty is, with
>additional libffado support. Do you know if there are additional
>dependencies needed to get alsa_in and alsa_out? I might consider
>adding them to the package.

I originally was going to build it from source, and was told to get it to
build alsa_in/out I needed the

But, I don't think that answers your question...

>> - What do I need to install to get Audacity to use Jack. Again, I was led
>> to believe it came with the latest Audacity.
>Audacity should work with jack through portaudio. Make sure jackd is
>running before you fire up audacity. At least it works here.

Ok, I'll have a try, I was looking for an output plugin in Audacity pref's
called jack. I'll check if I have a portaudio selection.

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