studio backups

Cory K. coryisatm at
Mon Feb 2 04:04:46 GMT 2009

Kim Cascone wrote:
> I don't know ONE pro or semi-pro musician who doesn't backup their  
> main machine as well as their session drives -- mostly they've  
> learned to do this the hard way
> and back up on a daily or weekly basis
> I've found that most musicians back up their assets/deliverables to  
> hard drive and/or burn it to DVD's

By now, this is all just running around in circles. You should have
enough info to do what you have to do. :)

I do however want to note that 3 out of 3 professional studio's (places
with massive Neve consoles and the like) I've worked at had RAID going
with their Pro-Tools setups. There was never a backup /app/. ;)

So you have a plethora of options now. I hope you fide one that suits
your particular situation.

-Cory K.

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