sandie sandie at
Sun Feb 1 20:09:43 GMT 2009

Eric Hedekar wrote:
> Cool!  But I've got a couple questions:
Thanks :-)
>  1) On line 69 of wineasioinstaller, wget is used but you've made no 
> attempt to install wget on line 57 - that's not really a question, 
> just a correction.
Doesnt Ubuntustudio come with wget ?
>  2) What license is your program under?  There's no copyright 
> information anywhere in the tarball.
I havent yet looked into all the quirks about license, but it's free to 
use and modify, so I gues that makes it GPL ? but as you pointed out, 
the asio header from Steinberg is another story.
>  3) In the Wineasio installation instructions it says: Copy the file 
> asio.h from Steinberg's asio-sdk to the wineasio directory
> How do you get around the inclusion of this file, or is that what's 
> being gotten from: 
> ?  I 
> hope this isn't breaking any of Steinberg's license terms - is it?
Its only the source that is forbidden to distribute, and to my 
knowledge, it is ok to distribute it in binary form, thats why I use a 
precompiled dll from my own site.


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