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On Sun, Feb 1, 2009 at 10:44 AM, sandie <sandie at> wrote:

> I have been looking at Python and Glade the last few days, and have made
> my first program, a Wineasio Installer for UbuntuStudio.
> If anyone is interested, you can get it here :
> just unpack and run the executable.
> I have tested it on UbuntuStudio 7.04, UbuntuStudio 8.04 and Ubuntu 8.10
> (both 32bit) and it actualy works :-)
> /Sandie

Cool!  But I've got a couple questions:
 1) On line 69 of wineasioinstaller, wget is used but you've made no attempt
to install wget on line 57 - that's not really a question, just a
 2) What license is your program under?  There's no copyright information
anywhere in the tarball.
 3) In the Wineasio installation instructions it says: Copy the file asio.h
from Steinberg's asio-sdk to the wineasio directory
How do you get around the inclusion of this file, or is that what's being
gotten from: ?  I hope
this isn't breaking any of Steinberg's license terms - is it?


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