M-Audio 88es midi controller keyboard & ubuntu 64 studio

mark at aktivix.org mark at aktivix.org
Thu Dec 31 10:49:50 GMT 2009

Quoting "Neil Jensen" <neilevanjensen at gmail.com>:

> Hi Tommy,
> I was uncertain about the M-
> Audio 88es because it had been left off of the list along with the
> M-Audio 66es and M-Audio 88 pro for working without proprietary drivers,
> but have read about at least one person who is using it successfully.

I'm using the Keystation 88 Pro and it worked out of the box with  
ubuntustudio. It presents two MIDI sources to JACK; 0 is from the  
controller itself and 1 is from the MIDI IN socket on the back. You  
can also switch the MIDI OUT on the back between being a JACK sink or  
the output from the controller. In other words, you can chain your  
MIDI gear up to it without needing a dedicated MIDI controller. The  
whole device is bus powered.

The only problem I've found is that for my heavy hands on the fairly  
light keys, the velocity sensitivity curves are all a bit too brash.


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