gstreamer through jack: Rhytmhbox, no problem. Totem fails

Pablo Fernandez pablo.fbus at
Mon Dec 28 19:37:14 GMT 2009

Hi all!

I am new to this list. I hope you are fine!

I am using ubuntu 9.04 in an Acer Aspire One netbook, customised for audio
work (with packages from ubuntu and 64studio jaunty backports) and
a standard recently installed US 9.10 in my desktop computer, in which I am
having this problem.

I am trying to "jackify"  rhytmhbox and totem.

Well, I have installed gstreamer-plugins-bad and I have:


then launched the 'gconf-editor' and put 'jackaudiosink' in the music, chat
and audio sinks in


Now, rhythmbox plays nicely through jack, but totem doesn't.

In my netbook, both work with these tweaks.

Any ideas? Is it possible to have totem playing through jack?

More info:

pablo at Desktop:~$ sudo dpkg -l | grep totem
[sudo] password for pablo:
ii  libtotem-plparser12
2.28.1-1                                Totem Playlist Parser library -
runtime files
ii  totem
2.28.2-0ubuntu3                         A simple media player for the GNOME
desktop based on GStr
ii  totem-common
2.28.2-0ubuntu3                         Data files for the Totem media
ii  totem-gstreamer
2.28.2-0ubuntu3                         A simple media player for the GNOME
desktop (transitional
ii  totem-mozilla
2.28.2-0ubuntu3                         Totem Mozilla plugin
ii  totem-plugins
2.28.2-0ubuntu3                         Plugins for the Totem media player

Cheers! Pablo
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