How to Create Movie Special Effects ???

laurent.bellegarde laurent.bellegarde at
Mon Dec 28 14:04:24 GMT 2009

Tommy Hjalmarsson a écrit :
> laurent.bellegarde wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Happy new year.
>> There is only one software close to jahshaka that can allow you to 
>> create special effect, it's Blender. Using Blender to create special 
>> effect is more difficult that using jahshaka. To use Jahshaka, the only 
>> way is to have windows XP pro, under this release, jahshaka is working 
>> (not under 98, 2000, NT, Vista), and under Ubuntu Dapper 6.06 only.
>> The project is dead, but the source code, if it was well packaged could 
>> help the multimedia editing free chain to be complete.
>> There is a large lack in free software face to adobe after effect, but 
>> since 3 years, I'ven't found any packager to create a Jahshaka package 
>> of the 2.0 release for hardy/and last ubuntu. I'm not enough good in 
>> compiling and packaging to create it myself. This lack's still alive.
>> Cinelerra and Kdenlive are video editor. They have video effect, very 
>> powerfull, but there is no comparison to jahshaka, which is really more 
>> powerfull for this kind of tools.
>> Laurent,
Hi Tommy
> You can install Jahshaka under Wine, but if it is stable work with I 
> don't know.

Install is ok, the software doesn't work because for producing special 
effects, you need 3D OpenGL acceleration which is not completely 
supported by wine. The software is working but you can't product 
anything !!!

windows XP pro + jahshaka


Ubuntu Dapper + Jahshaka


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