Formatted wrong drive: recovery possible?

Paul DeShaw pauldeshaw at
Sun Dec 27 00:32:15 GMT 2009

> On Sat, 26 Dec 2009 Mark Stuart Burge wrote:
> It should just be a case of letting testdisk find the partition and then
> using it to rebuild the table and voila! you have your files back again.
> Perhaps someone else out there knows of a better method though.
> In any case, if you can, to a 'dd' to a spare drive if you have one, so
> a mistake won't be critical.
> Good luck

Wow, that's a HUGE relief.

Apparently the files are there, and accessible. I need to learn better
backup methods.  Could you elaborate on how a 'dd' works?

I say the files are "apparently" there, because Ardour is gone, so I can't
test the Ardour sessions.  I did not purposely remove it; I did remove
ttf-musescore-fonts-installer, because it never did install completly, and
Synaptic kept trying to complete the install everytime I ran it.  I guess it
took Ardour with it.  (Though Synaptic says the ubuntustudio-audio
metapackage is not installed, so far I've only found Ardour missing.)
Synaptic asks for the install DVD when I try to install either
ubuntustudio-audio or Ardour by itself. Same with aptitude in the terminal.
When I originally upgraded to Karmic, I booted into Hardy from my system
drive, inserted the Karmic DVD, and ran the upgrade at the was
reading the DVD/CD drive fine then.  Now it can't seem to find it.

Any idea how to tell Ubuntu where the optical drive is--or for that matter,
why it can't install the audio package from the network?  It does install
other packages; I just installed disktest not an hour ago.

This is a minor annoyance compared to losing all my work.  I have tested the
previously nonworking drive now--Audacious played a file through JACK into
my USB audio interface.  I just can't install Ardour and some other
packages, or read or write any kind of optical media.  I welcome any


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