Dssi-Vst and Ubuntu Studio

sandie sandie at sandgreen.dk
Thu Dec 10 00:04:50 GMT 2009

First of all, sorry to teza if I'm hijacking this thread, but it's a 
very sensitive subject for me :-)

I had a look at LV2, very nice indeed, but... My problem is not lack of 
LinuxDSP's/VST-FX, but VST-instruments.
I know of Mda and other very cool projects, but haven't seen a virtual 
drumkit that comes close to one of the existing VSTi ones (like XLN).

Maybe once Ardour reaches 3.0 (and have a midi editor), we will finaly 
see some "pro" drum synths for Linux that doesn't rely on ancient 
proprietary stuff. Until then I'll try to put together a frontend for 
dssi-vst like teza suggested, if anyone have ideas I'd be happy to hear 

So far I have :
A program that can launch multiple VSTi from a predefined directory.
Posibility of viewing terminal output of each VSTi.
Killing non-responsive plugins with a click of a button.

What I'm working on :
A way to save sessions, something like lash but a bit more pretty (I 
like pretty things :-) )

Any Ideas ?


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