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Wed Dec 9 20:09:33 GMT 2009

On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 1:53 PM, Tommy yeah <allornothin.tommy at> wrote:
> You could mix in Ardour and then route Ardour to Jammin for mastering. I
> think Jammin is a wonderful mastering suite.

What I usually do is mix all my songs separately in their own
sessions, and export them to .wavs -- then I create a new "master"
session, where I import all the .wav files, each into its own track.
This lets me apply different EQ to each song if necessary, and run the
whole thing through JAMin.  I also put the "JAMin Controller" LADSPA
plugin on the master bus, to allow me to switch JAMin scenes from
Ardour by adding automation points.  Then I put CD markers along the
master session timeline, export, and burn to disc with GnomeCDMaster
(or cdrdao).  It's a nice workflow, it's too bad there's not more info
out there about using it.  Here's one place with some more info:

Sean Corbett

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