Roland/Cakewalk UM-1G

Karlheinz Noise khzmusik at
Wed Dec 9 17:28:56 GMT 2009

> someone in ubuntu this is 5 email I would like to know how to connect a > yamaha dx 9 and cakewalk um 1g keyboard usb and get access the apps in > ubuntu Nobody has given me an answer Thanks for caring someone pls the > app is great (ubuntu) but not unless I can use mykeyioboard thanks
I'm assuming this is the USB MIDI device you're talking about?
AFAIK most USB devices should work out of the box. (The Midisport being an exception?)
Which sequencers are you using? Rosegarden, Qtractor, SEQ24, etc? It would help if you could give us more details about which application you're using, and what the specific problem is (e.g. "I'm recording a track in Rosegarden, and it won't recognize my MIDI device").
I personally won't be much help, since I don't use MIDI anymore. I'm sure there are tons of people on the list who do, though.

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