Dssi-Vst and Ubuntu Studio

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Tue Dec 8 19:29:07 GMT 2009

Brian David wrote:
> I don't have an answer for your specific question, Teza, but I am 
> wondering:  are there actually a lot of people on this list using VSTs 
> with Linux?  Because I was under the impression that this was very hard 
> to do, and did not work well even in the best of cases.
> -- 
> -Brian David

I'm only one person, but I use a few VSTs a lot, all commercial -- I 
couldn't easily have the proggy fun I want without them: M-Tron Pro, 
Virtual String Machine, Oddity, B4II, Elektrik Piano, things like that.

Where possible I run them in standalone mode under Wine, where not 
(Oddity, I've never got the hang of the preset system so use VST host 
banks and patches) I run them in the cost-free Cantabile Lite VST host 
run using Wine. Naturally, I'm using Wine-asio for both scenarios.

I've never had any problems running these plugins; obviously they crash 
on rare occasions, or get booted off Jack every now and again, but all 
the functionality er, functions.

Since Wine-asio came along, I stopped bothering with DSSI-VST or FST.


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